4-H Youth Leadership

4-H Youth Leadership Program

Are you 13 yrs. or older, and looking for community service opportunities, meaningful work, elective credit for your transcript, a place to have fun and meet friends, or a place to complete your senior project?  The ADCG offers many opportunities at all levels!

A healthy and sustainable food future depends on people who know how to grow food, and who can understand and teach others about food systems.  We invite youths who want to positively impact their communities and help feed others.

Our 8 week Leadership Program offers youths the skills they need to successfully grow food &  become community food leaders.  We will do awesome projects, learn all about organic gardening, teach others, and make our own meals together, every day! We will practice and model  good interpersonal communication & feedback skills.  Through a series of educational workshops, youths will gain an understanding of global and local food systems, and learn about a variety of gardening topics.

The ADCG promotes healthy eating and daily exercise, and feels that all people should have affordable access to fresh vegetables; We strive to create community resilience and improve the overall quality of life for everyone.  We want our youth leaders to understand and model our mission in their activities at the garden. Youths will learn a variety of skills, make new friends, give community service, and grow personally through offering leadership at the ADCG.


If this work sounds exciting & fulfilling, you are 13 yrs or older, and if you have the capacity and enthusiasm to take risks, work hard, and provide service to our community, please fill out the YLP Application 

FMI please contact the Executive Director, Rocky Crockett, at 207-346-0708 or email alandaycommunitygarden@gmail.com

 YLP Application

     Youth Leadership Agreement   

   Youth Leadership Job Expectations

    Youth Leadership Program Schedule (2017)


Let’s Break it Down…

…an educational demonstration garden: Youths will be able to give a garden tour and help coordinate volunteers, teach kids and community members about the garden, lead activities, and understand food systems and the relevance of Community Gardens

…where people can grow their own food, using organic, sustainable methods: The Garden is open to the public to grow their own food.  Youths will help explain and demonstrate the benefits of using organic, sustainable methods.  They will understand how to plant, mulch, weed, and use organic soil amendments

…to cooperatively create an enduring community food system: The ADCG is here to support and promote the local community food system that is happening all around us! In addition to growing plants, we help with growing effective communication & social skills, developing self-confidence & leadership skills, and building community resilience.  Youth Leaders are community builders who understand the importance of our local food system.